Integrated Airline Mobility Solutions

For all your executives, crews and disrupted passengers, providing the best and most efficient turnkey mobility dispatch software with a Driver and Passenger Mobile App for real time tracking, maximizing high level service to your customer and flight crew members.

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Fully Customizable Software

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all systems. With full API integration and fully customizable modules, our proprietary software solutions can be tailored to fit your brand, processes and procedures.

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User Friendly Access

Inspired by the latest user experience innovations, our software features fully responsive interfaces that make travel management easier, whether you’re behind a desk or on the road.

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Business Intelligence

Gain access to business-critical insights with two-way connectivity, real-time dashboards and reports that help you make faster, more profitable decisions.

Distressed Passenger Mobility

We understand the importance of a rapid and excellent response to ensure a positive customer experience to protect the airlines reputation. Discover All-in-one software that simplifies operations and delights travelers. Our proprietary, fully customizable solutions are designed for ease of use, and provide valuable business intelligence as well as outstanding travel management tools.

We continuously evolve our software based on customer feedback. With seamless updates, you'll always be providing a higher level of service.

  • Improved Passenger Experience: by Increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Business to Business Booking Platform: Companies, Hotels and Airline Agents can book single or bulk reservations based on PNR Data.
  • Instant Confirmation: Our Disrupted Passenger solution is customizable to fit your operation’s unique needs.
  • Own and Increase Revenue: Keep Revenue that would have been paid to Uber and offer meet and greet by Professional Drivers.
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Airline Crew Mobility

We have developed a reliable vehicle management system to meet and balance the complex demand to streamline operational costs and improve additional ancillary revenue for airlines; helping airlines acquire control and customer experience from passenger arrival during stay and departure transfers, for more cost effective operation while improving high level service, all in real time. Our solution is a highly efficient ground transportation system for distressed passengers and airline crew members. Rezglo affiliated based service systems strategically connect airlines systems to high qualified, fully licensed and insured ground transportation operators.

  • Airline Flight Crew Planning.
  • Integration with Airline CMS or PNR Systems.
  • Negotiation & Contract Execution.
  • Real Analytics and Reporting for turn Key Decisions.
Airline Crew Mobility